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Habit Tracker Bundle - Elevate Your Journey Towards a Better You

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Discover the Tools Included in Our Premium Habit Bundle

The Premium Habit Bundle is a collection of four exclusive Notion Habit Trackers. Each tracker is carefully designed to cater to unique aspects of habit formation and self-improvement. Get ready to dive into your personal growth journey:

  1. Habit Compass 2.0: Based on the principles from James Clear's "Atomic Habits," the Habit Compass lets you align your daily habits with your long-term goals, track your progress, and steadily move towards success. (Typical Value: $19)
  2. Addiction Compass: This advanced tool is your ally against addictive behaviors. The Addiction Compass empowers you to break free from addictions and take charge of your life. (Typical Value: $19)
  3. Habit Streak Tracker: With consistency being the key to habit formation, this tracker helps you visualize and maintain your habit streaks. Live life on your own terms with this handy tool. (Typical Value: $19)
  4. Simple Habit Tracker: Sometimes, simplicity is key. This straightforward tracker enables you to monitor your daily habits and performance, with weekly reviews for steady improvement. (Typical Value: Free)

Unbeatable Offer Just For You

Individually, these templates would cost you $57, but I've bundled them together just for you for only $37.

Elevate Your Journey Towards a Better You

Take this opportunity to gain access to all the tools you need for an enriched self-improvement journey at an incredible price. Click on "Buy Now" to learn more about the Premium Habit Bundle and see how it can empower your journey towards a better version of yourself.

Remember, improvement is built on consistency and clarity, and our Habit Bundle is designed to provide you with both.

Stay focused, and keep tracking!

Best Wishes, Philipp

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A bundle of 4 Notion Habit Trackers to build new habits or remove negative bad habits

Habit Compass 2.0
Addiction Compass
Habit Streak Tracker
Simple Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker Bundle - Elevate Your Journey Towards a Better You

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