Simple Habit TrackerTemplate for Notion

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Check your daily habits & track your performance with weekly reviews in Notion.

This simple habit tracker template will help you to:

✅  Create new positive habits

✅ Remove negative habits

This free habit tracker template consists of 2 databases:

  1. Habit Tracking Database
  2. Weekly Review Database

Use the first to track your habits and the second to get an overview of your performance via weekly reviews.

The whole template is easy to use and highly customizable. The tracking database consists of separate columns for different activities with tick boxes to check when you’re done. Check the box, or enter the data you want to track like sleep time or screen time.

This template is best suited for those who have to track multiple habits simultaneously. The Habits are a property in the tracker, which means you don’t have to code additional blocks for customization. You can just add another property and rename it to monitor a different habit.

This way, it’s an excellent option for those looking for a simple tracker to begin their habit-tracking journey in Notion.

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7 Best Notion Habit Tracker Templates

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Simple Habit TrackerTemplate for Notion

8 ratings
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