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Habits are positive ticks (Habit Compass Discount)

Dear Followers,

after reading Atomic Habits by James Clear I realized that the process of habit-forming is, in fact, a process of establishing positive ticks. The longer you are doing a certain action, the more it gets automated.

Habits help you to solve recurring problems, but they work both ways: Habits can end in a virtuous circle or a vicious circle. So be careful what habits you pick up!

Each human action is a trade with an abstract, potential future self: read today, be smart tomorrow; invest today, be wealthier tomorrow; drink too much alcohol today, be less healthy tomorrow; and so on...

The insights I got from the book "Atomic Habits" made me also think a lot about my personal habit-forming process and was the main reason why I started to create my own Notion-Template for habit-tracking, which I also published on Gumroad last summer.

Today the template -The Habit Compass - is my most successful and most loved template.

Very useful template. I purchased it, and it is worth it and more! I have been using Notion for about a year, but was not pleased with the simple habit tracking. I love that you can relate your daily habits to bigger goals. High recommend!! - Chasing White Ginger

Some of the best features of this habit tracker:

- You can track up to 10 habits every day

- You can link your habits to your life visions and goals

- You have a huge flexibility

- You can track your weekly, monthly, and yearly performance

- Visualization of your habit-forming progress

The dawn of a new year is always a good reason to start establishing new habits. If you want to make 2022 a thriving success, I would like to make an offer you can't refuse:

The next 23 buyers can get the Habit Compass for $ 4.9 on Gumroad. This offer will be available till the end of the year or till all discount codes are used.

Best, Philipp

PS: See the habit Compass in action on Youtube:

Get the Habit Compass


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