Spaced Repetition Flashcards for Notion

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Never forget anything anymore with spaced repetition flashcards.

This Notion Flashcards template helps you create Anki-like cards for spaced repetitions in Notion. It is the most advanced spaced-repetition system for Notion to date.

What are Spaced Repetitions?

Spaced repetition is a learning technique that involves reviewing and revisiting information at specific intervals over time. The main idea behind spaced repetition is to optimize the timing of reviewing material to enhance long-term retention and minimize forgetting.

Here's how spaced repetition works:

  1. Initial Learning: When you first encounter new information, you study it and try to understand and remember it as best as you can.
  2. Review and Recall: After a short period, typically within a few hours or days, you review the material and test your recall of the information. This helps reinforce the memory and identify any areas that need further focus.
  3. Interval Determination: Based on your performance during the review and recall phase, the spaced repetition algorithm determines the ideal timing for the next review. If you recall the information easily, the next review might be scheduled further in the future. If you struggle to recall, the next review might be scheduled sooner.
  4. Review Schedule: Over time, as you continue to review the material, the spaced repetition algorithm spaces out the intervals between reviews. Initially, the intervals are shorter, but as your memory strengthens, the intervals become longer, sometimes even several years long.
  5. Gradual Intervals: Spaced repetition follows a pattern of gradually increasing the time intervals between reviews. This approach capitalizes on the spacing effect, which suggests that longer intervals between reviews promote better retention than massed or cramming study sessions.
  6. Ongoing Iteration: The process of spaced repetition continues as you repeatedly review the material over an extended period. The algorithm adjusts the intervals based on your performance during each review session, ensuring efficient and effective learning.

By leveraging the principles of spaced repetition, learners can optimize their study time and improve long-term retention of information. It is particularly useful for memorizing facts, vocabulary, foreign language words, and other discrete pieces of knowledge.

This allows you to not waste time with reviews of knowledge you already know. Instead after a couple of successful reviews, the intervals between reviews will be months or even a couple of years long.

The use of Spaced Repetitions is widespread among Med students and language learners. However, this learning method can be used for learning anything.

Notion becomes more and more popular for organizing studies and saving knowledge.

However, I wasn't convinced by the existing spaced repetition solutions for Notion, which couldn't compete with Anki or similar apps on any level.

Therefore, I built this very system that mimics the Anki and Supermemo algorithm:

To date, it is the first and only Notion-based spaced repetition system that increases the intervals of a flashcard continuously.

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Enjoy the perfect combination of Zettelkasten methode, Incremental Reading and Writing, and Spaced Repetitions to unlock your creative potential.

With this template, you will transform your Notion workspace into a powerful knowledge system today!

It is the only Zettelkassten for Notion with a fully integrated Spaced Repetition and Incremental Reading system.

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Luhmann's Zettelkasten for Notion 2.0

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A spaced repetition system for Notion

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Spaced Repetition Flashcards for Notion

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