SEO COMPASS - Premium SEO Template for Notion

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Optimize your content for SEO in Notion.

With The SEO Compass template, you can easily search-engine-optimize your content inside of Notion. Get more readers, fans, and paying customers with optimized content.

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✅ Get Your Content Found on Google.

Optimize your content inside of Notion with The SEO Compass template. With this template, you can easily keep track of all your SEO-related key figures and make sure you don't miss any steps when optimizing your content for search engines.

✅ Stop wasting time and money

Never write again in Notion without SEO optimization. Get the SEO Compass template to help you make sure your content meets key parameters for ranking on Google. It’s like having Yoast & Rank Math in Notion, so you can make sure your content is seen by the right people.

✅ Optimize your content for Google the easy way.

Maximize your reach and visibility on Google with The SEO Compass. Get an accurate 1-100 score to gauge how well your content is optimized, plus get suggestions on how to further optimize it—all in one convenient template. Make sure that your content always meets Google's standards and never miss an opportunity to be seen.

✅ Create evergreen content with SEO optimization.

Get your content seen by the right people with SEO optimization. With The SEO Compass, you can see the SEO quality of your content while writing in Notion, giving you the power to create evergreen content that will attract tons of readers, fans, and paying customers through search engines.

Have a look inside the SEO Compass (Video)

Is this the right template for you?

The SEO Compass is a Notion template targeting writers, online businesses, and digital agencies. In short, for everybody who is using Notion for content creation but struggles to search-engine-optimize it at the same time.

A lot of writers already use Notion to manage, write and organize their content, but until now doing SEO in Notion was a nuisance.

However, SEO is something inevitable if you want to create evergreen content that is going to attract tons of readers, fans, and paying customers over Google.

This is the reason why I created the SEO COMPASS.

In fact, this template is doing what Yoast & Rank Math do for WordPress: It checks your content for a number of important SEO parameters like:

  • Number of Words
  • Keyword Density
  • Keyword in title
  • Title Length
  • Meta Description & Title Length
  • Flesh-Reading-Ease-Score

and gives you suggestions on how to further optimize your content for Google by providing you with a 1-100 Score.

This way you can see the SEO quality of your content while writing in Notion.

Grab your template now: optimize your content, and soon profit from a surge in traffic and customers!

PS: I am offering you a 7-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. 

Make it a Bundle!

Make it a bundle and buy purchasing the SEO Compass together with my ebook "99 SEO Hacks".

This book shows you how to easily create content that will boost your Google rankings, increase your web visibility, and potentially put hundreds of thousands of dollars in your bank account.

Who am I?

My name is Philipp Stelzel: I am an online marketing consultant from Vienna and already working in SEO for almost 8 years.

Notion was love at first sight and I soon organized my content-production workflows inside of this amazing productivity tool. However, it was always hard to do proper SEO in Notion.

 But after experimenting with some formulas, I realized that Notion can actually be used for doing powerful SEO analyses. So far, nobody had bothered to create a suitable template. For this reason, I decided to create it.

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What is included:

SEO Score (1-100)
Keyword Density
Word Count
Meta Description Optimization
Flesh Reading Ease Score
Internal & external link checker
SEO library
Copy product URL


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SEO COMPASS - Premium SEO Template for Notion

3 ratings
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