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Notion Beginner Bundle

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Limited Black Weekend Offer: Notion Beginner Bundle + Luhmann's Zettelkasten for Notion 2.0 + Networking Hub for only $47

Introducing the Ultimate Notion Bundle, a collection of 5 powerful Notion templates designed to enhance your workspace and provide a solid foundation for productivity and organization. Individually priced at $19 each and $95 in total, the bundle offers tremendous value, allowing you to purchase all five templates for only $47, saving $48 in total!

The Notion Beginner Bundle includes the following templates:

  1. Habit Compass: Track and cultivate positive habits, set goals, and measure your progress with this comprehensive habit-tracking template.
  2. Workout Compass: Plan and track your workouts, set fitness goals, and stay motivated on your fitness journey using this all-in-one workout planning template.
  3. Positivity Journaling: Promote mindfulness and self-reflection with this journaling template, designed to help you cultivate gratitude, track daily affirmations, and nurture a positive mindset.
  4. Freelancer Compass: Manage your freelance projects, track clients and tasks, and stay organized with this versatile template tailored specifically for freelancers.

Additionally, the bundle includes the Budget Tracker template, allowing you to monitor your finances, track expenses, and maintain control over your financial well-being.

By purchasing this bundle, you gain access to a wide range of Notion templates covering 95% of common use cases, including habit tracking, journaling, task and project management, workout planning, and budgeting. It's the perfect solution for every Notion user seeking to optimize their workspace and establish a solid foundation for success.

Working with these five templates, you'll gain great insights into the functionalities of Notion, allowing you to harness its power without feeling overwhelmed. Each template is carefully designed to simplify your workflows and maximize your productivity.

Unlock the full potential of Notion and elevate your productivity by acquiring the Ultimate Notion Bundle today!

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Notion Beginner Bundle

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