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Midjourney Mastery Course - Learn how to create beautiful Ai art efficently (Waitinglist)

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This is the waiting list for my new Midjourney Mastery Course (Launched in April 2023)

Find the online course here:

Learn how to

  • Master Midjourney v5
  • Create impressive AI art.
  • Make money with prompt engineering

The following topics will be included in this video course:


  • What is Ai Art?
  • What is Midjourney?
  • The different Midjourney Subscription Levels


  • How to navigate in Discord
  • Create your first Ai art in Midjourney (Walkthrough)
  • How do grammar and spelling affect your prompt
  • Prompting in English and different languages
  • Where to see your Midjourney creations?
  • Where to explore others’ Midjourney Creations?


  • How to further improve your prompts
  • Influencing the output by using artists or famous paintings
  • Influencing the image by using color schemes
  • Influencing the image with camera and perspective
  • Influencing the image with location and emotion
  • Aspect ratio explained
  • Chaos explained
  • Negative prompting explained
  • Quality and Style explained
  • Using Emojis As Prompts
  • What are Seeds in Midjourney?
  • Image prompts in Midjourney
  • Remix two or more images in Midjourney
  • How to create Midjourney prompts with ChatGPT

Making Money with Midjourney

  • What is Prompt Engineering
  • Selling prompts on Promptbase and Etsy

Get on the free waiting list today or support the course creation with your donation!

Free Waiting list: You will be informed when the Midjourney Course is going to launch + Plus you will receive the opportunity to buy it for $ 29 instead of $ 69

Supporter: Support the course creation today and receive the finished product for $ 9 instead of spending $ 69 on launch day

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Midjourney Mastery Course - Learn how to create beautiful Ai art efficently (Waitinglist)

4 ratings
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