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So, do you want to transform your life and become a digital entrepreneur?

Yes? Then you've come to the right place!

What is your biggest challenge and where would you need help?

"The Digital Entrepreneur Bundle provides you with all the tools necessary to fire up your online business"

It will help you:

  • ✅ Getting ideas for innovative digital products
  • ✅ Finding your true niche (Ikigai)
  • ✅ Organizing your tasks and side projects

It also

  • ✅ Provides a list of useful mental models you need to know as a digital creator
  • ✅ Provides you with a list of No-Code tools you can use to skyrocket your productivity and scale your business
  • ✅ Motivates you with a daily inspirational quote

Who am I and why did I create this Notion Template for you?

My name is Philipp. I am based in Vienna, Austria.

My career as a digital creator started in 2013 when I began to write a blog about Marathon running.

Within 4 years I built one of the biggest German-speaking Marathon blogs and launched an online running academy.

When I left the business I started a digital marketing agency, which is helping lawyers, medical doctors, and small businesses get more customers with online marketing.

However, in my heart, I am mostly a creator.

Therefore, I got back to creating online courses on Udemy and premium templates for Notion.

What Problem will the Digital Entrepreneur Bundle Solve for you?

Starting a side hustle online can be overwhelming. So they limit themselves when they are starting out.

Today, instead of investing tons of money in the beginning, you can choose among an armada of easy-to-use and straightforward no-code tools to create your website, deal with customers or automate workflows.

Moreover, there are tons of ways to make money online, but most people are not even aware of possibilities besides e-books and courses.

Also, the main purpose of this template is to help you find your niche with an innovative Ikigai Calculator.

Because the easiest way to becoming a success is by niching down and being so unique that you can distinguish yourself from all competitors.

Therefore I have included an Ikigai Calculator!

What are the benefits of using the template?

  • ✅ Task Management System
  • ✅ Ikigai Niche Calculator
  • ✅ List of Digital Product Ideas
  • ✅ Book Recommendations for Digital Creators
  • ✅ 30 Days Challenge for starting a Side Hustle
  • ✅ Mental Models for digital creators
  • ✅ List of No-Code Tools for starting a digital business

For whom did I create this template?

For People who

  • finally want to start a side hustle
  • are still trying to find their true niche
  • take action and are life-long learners
  • have already started with selling digital products but now want to go all in

Who shouldn't buy this template?

  • if you wish to continue your 9-5
  • if you just want to read information but don't want to take action
  • If you are already making more than $ 10.000 per month with digital products

What buyers are saying

Look inside the template

Task Management System

Ikigai Niche Calculator

30 Days Challenge

Book Recommendations

List of Digital Product Ideas

List of No-Code Tools

Mental Models

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this template working with the free Notion subscription?


Can I share this template with my team/class/organization?

This version is for individual use only. If you use it within a company, you can use it with one Notion account.

Will I receive updates on this template?

Yes, I continually update the template. Once you purchase you will receive all future versions via e-mail.

Do you have more questions? Use the following Twitter Thread to get into contact with me:

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Digital Entrepreneur Bundle

Task Management
Niche Finding Tools
Ikigai Tool
Blue Ocean Tool
Matrix of Competency
Digital Product Ideas
Book Recommendations
30 Days Challenge
List of Mental Models
List of No-Code Tools
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Digital Entrepreneur Bundle - Notion Template

9 ratings
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