Workout Compass - Daily Workout Template for Notion - Exercises for all Muscle Groups + Cardio

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Workout Compass - Daily Workout Template for Notion - Exercises for all Muscle Groups + Cardio

Philipp Stelzel
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Get fitter and stronger with the Notion Workout Compass.

This smart workout template for Notion helps you keep track of exercises, monitor your progress, and make sure that all muscle groups get trained. Get started today!

Get the Notion Workout Compass Now

✅ Get serious about your workout with the Notion Workout Compass.

The Notion Workout Compass is a comprehensive and smart gym and workout diary that helps you track exercises, monitor progress, and make sure you don't miss any muscle groups. Get fitter and stronger with this powerful template!

✅ Get your workout on track with ease.

With the Notion Workout Compass, it’s easy to get your workout plan on track. Just choose the exercises you want to do, set a time interval and start your workout. This template takes all the hassle out of tracking your progress and helps you stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.

✅ Reach your goals with the Notion Workout Compass.

Get on track to reach your fitness goals with the Notion Workout Compass. Monitor and stay motivated with the template's intuitive tracking tools that provide insight into your progress and show if you are matching your workout targets. Start seeing real results today!

✅ Get the guidance and accountability you need to reach your goals.

Get on track and stay on track with The Notion Workout Compass. This template provides you with the guidance and accountability you need to achieve your fitness goals. Plus, it will give you feedback on your progress through a red, orange, or green status indicator.

How will this template help you to get the body of your dreams? My personal story...

During the pandemic, I struggled with working out enough. After discovering Notion, I figured out that this app would be perfect for tracking and analyzing my workouts.

However, most of the gym and workout templates I found on the various marketplaces didn't go far enough for my taste.

Therefore I started to develop my own gym tracker in Notion. With time my simple system became more and more complex. The result is this Workout Compass:

It is a smart gym and workout diary, that supports you in keeping track of exercises and your overall workout progress.

Plus, it makes sure that you don't forget to train every muscle group!

Take your fitness to the next level.

Get the Notion Workout Compass Now!

How does the template work?

Easy and straightforward setup:

Just choose the exercises you want to do, set a time interval + intensity and you are ready to go.

The template will show you if your workout progress is matching your workout targets and the workout status of the different muscle groups.

If you train less than planned, the template will change the status of the exercise from green to orange and finally to red.

The same happens with muscle groups that you neglect.

This means you always have visual feedback on your training progress

What is included: 

  • Overview Muscle Groups
  • 32 Exercises + Description
  • Workout Tracker 
  • Red / Green Light Feedback

See the Workout Compass in action on my Youtube Channel

Do you have any questions about this template? Ask me anything about it on Twitter:

How to copy a Notion template to your workspace?

  • Just click on Duplicate in the upper right corner of the Notion Screen.
  • The template will be automatically transferred to your Notion Workspace.

PS: If you are just searching for a simple Gym Log, check out my Simple Workout Template on Gumroad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this template working with the free Notion subscription?


Can I share this template with my team/class/organization?

This version is for individual use only. If you use it within a company, you can use it with one Notion workspace.

Will I receive updates on this template?

Yes, I continually update the template. Once you purchase you will receive all future versions via e-mail.

What happens if I don't like this template?

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It is too expensive for me!

I offer discounts for people with financial problems, from low-income communities or countries Feel free to contact me on Twitter @depakes or send me an email at info@philipp-stelzel.com

Do you have more questions? Use Twitter to get in contact with me: @depakes

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Daily Workout Planner in Notion - Exercises for all Muscle Groups + Cardio


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