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Benjamin Franklin's Productivity System

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Benjamin Franklin was a productivity master: Today he is known as a writer, printer, politician, entrepreneur, scientist, inventor and diplomat. Little is known about his use of a habit tracker before it was cool.

I've always been fascinated by his character, so I wondered what his Notion Dashboard would have been like if he had lived in our time.

The result is this template, which is created according to the productivity system he was using on paper. It includes:

Journaling Dashboard:

- Every morning Benjamin Franklin asked himself: What good shall I do this day?

- and before going to bed he asked himself: What good have I done today?

- the template includes a journaling database. Write down your thoughts every day and compare them to your old entries.

Schedule for your ideal day:

- Franklin tried to plan every hour of his day so that he could maximize his productivity and wellbeing. E.g. 8-12 a.m. he reserved for working, while he used the time between 12-2 pm for reading, overlooking his accounts and dining.

- The template will show you the scheduled task for the respective hour of the day (you can adjust it to your schedule).

Benjamin Franklin's Habit Tracking:

- Young Benjamin defined 13 virtues he wanted to improve.

- At the end of the day, Franklin would do a mark in his habit tracking book, if he exhibited the virtue. Every week Franklin would list a specific virtue that he would focus on for the week.

- The template includes a weekly habit tracker for Franklin's 13 virtues, however, you can change the habits to your needs.


- Daily Benjamin Franklin Quote

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Benjamin Franklin's Productivity System

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